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Athens Coin Laundry is dedicated to providing clients with clean and affordable Laundromat services.

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Laundry Service With Athens Commerce Laundromat near Five Points Georgia

Athens Commerce Laundromat provides you with the laundry services and laundromat facilities you need to get your laundry done cleaner near Five Points GA. With sanitized, large washers, you can be sure you’re always getting a clean machine that sanitizes your clothing and linens with water every cycle. Use our  commercial laundry service for your linens, uniforms, or other laundry needs so you can take advantage of our strength and focus more on your own near Five Points Georgia.

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Enjoy the peace of mind that a sanitized washer, 24 hour laundromat gives you, whether you do it yourself or have us do your laundry for you. Get the most out of your time and leave the laundry to Athens Commerce Laundromat. Athens Commerce Laundromat is happy to offer a convenient, affordable alternative for students, residents and business travelers near Five Points GA.

24 hour Laundromat Coin or No Cash Mobile Apps near me  Five Points, Georgia

You can get sanitized, 24 hour laundromat facilities now if you live in Five Points . We also offer you traditional self-service 24 hour laundromat at all of our locations. We have everything you need to do your laundry: numerous washers and dryers of various sizes, detergent and fabric softener for sale, folding tables, and amenities like WiFi and TVs.

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Get all your laundry completed if you live in Five Points, GA, and need a clean, safe laundromat. If this location isn’t convenient for you to visit personally, you’ll be glad to know that Athens Commerce Laundromat also has sister laundromats in Georgia. We sanitize them! Our washing machines use less energy and detergent than traditional washers, but give you superior, clean results!

Clean Laundry Five Points, Georgia

We understand that first impressions are everything, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping you and your garments look and feel soft. At Athens Commerce Laundromat near Five Points, GA, each garment is important to us as it is to you. With a 5 star reputation, our laundromat is known as the best around. Our state-of-the-art washers and dryers are gentle on fabrics and hard on stains. Our goal is to help make your life easier by providing a high-quality laundromat service at an affordable price.

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Our washing Service is a convenient and affordable method of quickly completing your laundry by professionals near Five Points, Georgia. Each garment that you bring undergoes a thorough cleaning process.

Best machines in the industry to give you the cleanest and fastest wash.

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Athens Commerce Laundromat is happy to offer a convenient, 24-hour laundry, affordable alternative for visitors near Five Points, GA.

“Great machines that work and do not over charge! Air conditioning and vending machines. The attendants are pleasant and attentive to clients and machines. They troubleshoot to keep the ball rolling for those that are waiting on machines. Over all I’m in and out! Parking is always available just be mindful of the weekend hours are when it is highly populated because its just an awesome Laundromat!”

Coin Laundry  near Five Points, GA

Athens Commerce Laundromat is the premiere laundromat near Five Points. We offer self-service laundry done with the best machines in the industry. We are also the cleanest laundromat in town. For more details call us at 678-894-5901.

Safe clean laundromat.
Large Capacity & High Efficiency Machines

Come visit us and see why residents in Five Points choose our nearby laundromat over all others.

Laundromat Five Points GA
Laundromat Five Points GA
Laundromat Five Points GA
Laundromat Five Points GA

The name refers to the convergence of Marietta Street, Edgewood Avenue, Decatur Street, and two legs of Peachtree Street (the south-southwestern leg was originally Whitehall Street, before a section of Whitehall was renamed as an extension of Peachtree Street to give businesses south of Five Points the prestige of a Peachtree Street address). Five Points is usually considered by Atlantans to be the center of town, and it is the origin of the street addressing system for the city and county, although four of the streets (except Edgewood) are rotated at least 30° clockwise from their nominal directions, along with the rest of the downtown street grid.[1]

A large round Coca-Cola sign overlooks Five Points, atop the Olympia Building on the east side of the intersection between Edgewood Avenue and Decatur Avenue. The nearly 50-foot tall sign has a 33-foot lighted neon face and faces up and down Peachtree Street. A lighted portion at the bottom of the sign gives the current time and temperature.[2]